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Posts: 468
human frames and the jerseys barely covering the round bellies. Their arms are covered with scrapes and bruises,womens Max Tuerk Jersey, their helmets scratched and gauged,You see the huge,womens Dan Feeney Jersey, the paint chipped from opposing facemasks slamming into them.
whack,Every snap looks the same. The ball gets snapped and then, a quick human car crash.
Who in their right mind would want to be an offensive lineman?
unless you know what you're looking at,They're battering rams. They're the biggest guys on the field. And, it all looks pretty brainless.
" former NFL center Nick Hardwick said. "What I think is when most people think of the offensive line,"Battering ram or brute? That's a really nice way of putting it, they just think it's a huge fat guy who stands in the way and runs into other fat guys."
While there's some truth in that _ NFL offensive linemen are almost always on the plus side of 300 pounds _ there is also much more to it.
"It takes somebody special to want to do a job that's thankless and that involves donating a significant portion of your body to get the ball to move three yards forward or to protect somebody else," Hardwick said. "You have a lot of very smart guys and you have a lot of very caring guys in that room."
as a general rule,In fact they might be, the smartest in an NFL locker room.womens Rayshawn Jenkins Jersey,
who won the Super Bowl as the coach of the Baltimore Ravens in 2001,Brian Billick, said the offensive linemen are definitely different from the other players.womens Forrest Lamp Jersey,
" Billick joked. "They're going to complain and get in their knitting circle and (say) 'We're not running enough' this,"They're not meatheads. They're a bunch of old women is what they are, that and the other.
"As a whole, they're probably the brightest position group on the team."
They'll acknowledge they're different. Offensive lineman are the only players who never get to tackle or touch the football. They rarely get attention from fans or the media. And, they probably didn't grow up with dreams about blocking for quarterbacks and running backs.,womensv Denzel Perryman Jersey,
laughing. "But you get in where you fit in. You love the game," Hardwick said, you have an aggressive streak about you,"It's fair to say it. Incredibly fair to say that, it's a great outlet and you're willing to do whatever it takes just to be a part of the team."
who was named to the Pro Bowl this week,Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung,womens Hunter Henry Jerseydidn't even want to play football when he was growing up.
I loved all things that weren't football. My mom said,womens Mike Williams Jersey," Okung said. "Really, 'Hey ... I want to make sure you're going to be a man.' So,womens Craig Mager Jersey,"I was actually forced into football. I grew up this complete nerd. I loved art. I loved computers, she threw me into football to get disciplined and for character development and integrity stuff.
"And, I just happened to be good at it."Authentic Dan Fouts Jersey,
Troy Aikman and Michael Vick,womens Dan Fouts Jersey,While the league is full of stories about quarterbacks growing up idolizing Joe Montana, Okung said the linemen he's played alongside all had different interests.
Instead of pouring through books and magazines about football greats, Okung spent his time wondering about ancient civilizations and Alexander the Great.Authentic Rayshawn Jenkins Jersey,
when we sit down and have conversations, we talk world events. We talk politics. Rarely do we talk about football outside of game plans and issues like that,"Most guys I know," Okung said.Authentic Dan Feeney Jersey,
I went out and ran with the bulls. And, I was so surprised that only the offensive linemen would know about it. I would tell the (defensive backs) and other guys,"Four or five years ago, and they had no idea what I was talking about."Authentic Mike Williams Jersey
This past season, the Chargers locker room spent a lot of time talking about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.,Authentic Craig Mager Jersey,
" Okung said,"If you heard anyone talking about it, "it's because I brought it up."Authentic Denzel Perryman Jersey
The demands of the position require players to look at the defense and try to figure what they're going to do. They have to process all this while matching up with some of the best athletes in the world.Authentic Max Tuerk Jersey,
who lifts all the weight in the world," Okung said. "And, you're playing a guy who runs a 4.4 (40-yard dash), jumps a 40-inch vertical, my job is to stay in front of this guy? Whether he spins or uses power,Authentic Hunter Henry Jersey,"I like to say we're the most athletic guys on the field. In my situation, my job is to stay in front of him and keep him off the quarterback.
" ... But I was coding when I was a teenager. Learning concepts wasn't a hard thing for me.",Authentic Forrest Lamp Jersey,
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