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5 days ago
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Where's Teez Tabor?
It's a question many fans are asking these days. They expect to see a second-round pick on the field, and that's not unfair. Most players taken that early fill some kind of immediate role.
But Tabor didn't even dress for the Detroit Lions' first three games, and played just three defensive snaps in the first seven games combined.womens John Simon Jersey,
the coaches finally saw enough out of Tabor to hand him a small role in the 30-17 win against the Packers. He played 11 snaps,Then in Week 8, mostly as a linebacker-type in the dime.womens Donte Moncrief Jersey,
on Monday Night Football,Considering the stage of that game -- at Lambeau Field, with their backs against the wall after a three-game losing streak -- the personnel decision reflected a growing faith in Tabor's development.Authentic Jack Mewhort Jersey,
"He's coming, he's doing well.",womens Jake Ryan Jersey, and I mean, you see the things that we certainly notice during our evaluation process. He's long,Authentic Corey Linsley Jersey," coach Jim Caldwell said. "He's been adjusting. He's been doing a nice job in practice, all those kinds of things. And he displayed that as well during the course of the game. Small sample size but yeah,womens Nick Perry Jersey, he moves, he's smart
the Lions are loaded with experience at the position.,Authentic Mason Crosby Jersey, and the Lions still hope he has a future there. But with returning starters in Darius Slay and Nevin Lawson,womens Jack Mewhort Jersey,Tabor is an outside cornerback out of Florida, plus the return of Quandre Diggs in the nickel and the signing of former first-round pick D.J. Hayden
like they did after taking Darius Slay in the second round in 2013. Slay was forced into a starting job to open the season,womens David Bakhtiari JerseySo they haven't been forced to rush Tabor onto the field, but was benched in each of his first two games and then lost his job permanently in Week 3.
as it does for almost every young corner. And Tabor knows that.,Authentic Donte Moncrief Jersey, though, Slay is playing like one of the top cornerbacks in the league. He's already shut down the likes of Antonio Brown,This year, Odell Beckham and Julio Jones. It just took time,Authentic John Simon Jersey,
or playing as much."," Tabor said. "Everyone knows Slay, D.J.'s a former first-round pick,"I just look at it as we got really talented guys, Nevin is super athletic. It's not like I walked into a situation where I was supposed to be startingAuthentic Nick Perry Jersey,
while not overloading him with too much information., according to coaches. Now the Lions are testing the waters a bit with him,But Tabor has come a long way since some early struggles in training camp, breaking off a small role for the rookie to get some experience,womens Corey Linsley Jersey,
that meant playing a lot inside the box,Against Green Bay, especially when Randall Cobb was in there.,Authentic Davante Adams Jersey,
"He played some nickel in college,Authentic Jake Ryan Jerseywe have flexibility to do that. And he's smart enough to do it. That's why we did it.", and that gives us an opportunity,womens Davante Adams Jersey, some flexibility because of his height, so we moved him inside,Authentic Morgan Burnett Jerseymaybe a four-wide group that we can play him either inside or out,womens Morgan Burnett Jersey," defensive coordinator Teryl Austin said of the package. "If we run into a situation where we have a receiving tight end, we have some different things
rather than out on an island. ,Authentic David Bakhtiari Jersey,because things happen so much quicker that close to the ball. He also said it's a lot more "noisy" in the box,Tabor said the role was different than what he's used to, since he's playing in close quarters with so many other players
just getting better every day. That's it. Just getting better and more comfortable.", man," he said. "It's fast at first for a rookie corner,"Just getting comfortable, so I'm just a lot more comfortablewomens Mason Crosby Jersey,
which could bode well for his chances of seeing the field again. Other young players have won roles like that,It seems he impressed the Lions with his versatility as well, such as safety Miles Killebrew last season.
"(Tabor's) a savvy player, and that kind of thing. And hopefully that continues for him.", he's still able to adapt and adjust. There's really not any place on the field I think that he would not be comfortable," Caldwell said. "He's as a young guy, because he has pretty good working knowledge of what we're doing. But he just needs experience playing, and consistently playing
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