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Posts: 3835
wooden model floor is likely everybody has had seen, be in a park commonly or stadium house has, but everybody may be right the specific data of wooden model floor understands not quite,composite wood for a decking roof here small make up introduce for everybody.
Brief introduction of wooden model floor:
Wooden model floor is model of a kind of new-style environmental protection wood composite material product, the timber that produces in process of beaverboard of aborning, high density is phenolic,composite deck over wood deck join reworked plastics to pass model of wood of make it of the equipment that build bead composite material, undertake squeezing birth yield floor board of model of wood of group make it next.
1, plasticity of wooden model floor is strong
The real wood floor on very traditional sense is different, the plasticity of wooden model floor is very strong, can come true easily that is to say everybody is mixed to the demand of floor design fixed position.pvc ceiling coverings sale A lot of brands rolled out design of of all kinds and floor of formative wood model now, because this is in plasticity respect, the one large dominant position that also is wooden model floor.
2, wooden model floor is insect-resistant prevent termite
Real wood floor besides be afraid that water is afraid of tide beyond, still have a deadly drawback, that fears namely of insect and termite erode. Insect-resistant nevertheless prevent termite the one big advantage that this respect also is wooden model floor,prefabricated stairs wood because this everybody is in installation and process of floor of use wood model,need not worry about a floor to meet because of termite erode, shorten life.
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