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Posts: 3267
Wooden floor lot of families those who like decorate material first selection, besides need to notice in phase of choose and buy, wooden floor installation also is it family the more important thing in decorating, if installation is improper, with respect to meeting influence floor service life is mixed whole is beautiful, the tear the certain number of metropolises after year plaint to flow now,interior wall panels wood plastic composite it is the water that did not install floor brain to enter well at the outset.which flooring material is waterproof So, what is wooden floor install method correctly? Will look below.
1, suspension laid law:
This kind of method is before the most popular also be the most scientific laid method.
2, keel laid law:
This kind of method is opposite and character is more traditional more general.
3, law of laid of wool floor keel:
This kind of method is in namely before laid floors added to make an appointment with 12mm~22mm on pre existence keel multilayer and high grade plywood or needle leaf material
4, law of direct and stickup laid:
This kind of method basically applies to the floor with long 350mm,how to design floor with affordable price and the ground must want smooth fact.
At the back of the kinds of methods two kinds of ability when having special need are used,outdoor balcony wood plastic flooring the most commonly used is the first kind, the wooden floor home that we basis install method correctly with load floor below assembles case.
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