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Posts: 3684

Posts: 3684
Floor of alleged and outdoors wood, just as its name implies is used namely at outdoor floor, because be to use at outdoor floor, need withstands “ wind to blow insolation,140x25mm Deck Stair Railing because of this outdoors wood floor must want can experience the changeful weather outside getting resident, change with intense difference in temperature, after all how does outdoors floor ability suit outdoor to use? The relevant design personnel that produces a business according to professional outdoors floor expresses,house no formaldehyde deck ideas investment of ability of condition of a few when outdoors floor must want to be satisfied as follows basic technologies is used.
1, stability is strong:
Common wood floor is hygroscopic bigger, outdoors passes the rinse of pluvial snow, sure look is changeful form,wood polymer composite decking turkish either long plan; wants outdoors floor can get smoothly use in such environment, because this needs to try to improve; on the foundation of common wood floor
2, be able to bear or endure by force corrupt:
Outdoors water is enough, cause fungus and termite easily, lumber corrodes speed faster, if use common Mudebanzun to be outdoors floor, so its corrode speed quite fast, consumer invests completely not to have such cost,stable doors for houses because this is right traditional wood floor undertakes improvement becoming inevitable;
3, fight pressure the gender is strong:
Outdoors walk the person is very much, need a floor to resist pressure strong, the wear-resisting function of because this is right outdoors floor asks special also tall, satisfy such requirement through improved wooden floor ability only.
The analysis that passes as above is knowable, general and common wood floor, according to the facts wooden floor, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor, aggrandizement compound floor suits to be used at not quite outdoors.mdf tongue and groove ceiling And outdoors floor waits wood of floor of the model wood floor that reforms in the course on the foundation of traditional wood floor, outdoors and anticorrosive wood, char a moment is very good outdoors floor product.
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